Do you have an exciting new cyber technology but not sure how to get
it to market?

Do you love building new products, but the thought of building a business, hiring and training sales and technical staff and marketing a product make you a little queasy and leave you feeling overwhelmed? 

Well, we can help. 

We are actively taking applications for our Heat Lamp program.

Once you apply, we will sit down with you and evaluate your technology and look at its market potential.  

If you are accepted in the program, we will build out all the business enablement capabilities you need like sales and technical support teams and we will actively sell your product in our managed service lines of business.

Simply put – we want to partner with you to help make the cyber world
safer with your technology.  Whether you have the next big thing in
cyber or if you have been successful in other regions of the world and
now you are ready to break into the North American market 

We are ready to help you succeed.

135 Kent Street, Suite 202