H-1B Visa Suspension

Challenges and Solutions

The recent visa suspension announcement has impacts on many people and businesses in our professional networks. Here at Cyber Island we can address this challenge creatively by combining our BenchStrength program and the Atlantic Canada Immigration Program.  

These established programs can channel international talent through Cyber Island to continue to work on your projects.  While the affected individuals would be Cyber Island employees we would dedicate them to your organization.  All while fast tracking permanent residency or citizenship, whichever is more desirable to the employee.

The Challenge

The global shortage in cybersecurity talent has become acute, and is growing worse. Specific to North America, it has become increasingly difficult to hire experienced talent. The recent ban on H-1B visas in particular has caused cybersecurity teams to scramble.

Large organizations need a clear strategy for stable, steady growth of their cybersecurity talent over the long term (5-10 years). Short term, they need a North American destination to assist individuals affected by the recent H-1B visa suspension.

Cyber Island’s Solution

Cyber Island’s location in Atlantic Canada gives us direct access to a highly educated but cost effective workforce. The average cost saving for cyber analysts is ~40% below the US average.

The added advantage of Canadian immigration programs cannot be understated. Highly skilled workers can be fast-tracked to immigrate to Atlantic Canada through a specific process that is actively supported at all levels of government and industry.  Today, we use our BenchStrength program to provide near-shore team augmentation services to organizations in North America with both home-grown and global talent.

Key Takeaways

  • Immigration friendly policies in Atlantic Canada provide a fast, stable, long-term path to bringing highly skilled workers to North America
  • Near-shore cyber teams can be built in Atlantic Canada with no drop in service quality or expertise
  • Over a 4-year period near-shoring produces a ~40% cost savings over internal hires

Next Steps

If you or your organization are affected by this suspension, let’s talk about ways Cyber Island can help.