There is a great chance you already know. We don’t have to tell you that your systems are vulnerable, they all are.

What you’re probably trying to figure out is how to secure your company from Cyber risks, in an ever changing environment with limited capacity.

Things change fast in our world, and we’re ready to be faster.
This is where Cyber Island can be the right addition to your team.

At Cyber Island we search the globe and arm ourselves with professionals that are the smartest in the field and as agile as those trying to breach your systems.

Imagine you had a team of cyber security experts at your fingertips who can help with any of the risk issues you’re dealing with. A team to not only tell you the issues but manage and fix them on an ongoing basis.

Let’s Do this

Managing your company’s risk is one thing but managing your 3rd party risk is a whole other ball game.

You may have ramped up your resources to invest in a third-party monitoring tool. That’s a great first step! So now you know what is going on, but do you have the time and resources to work with each vendor to close those risks. Or if a problem occurs, and let’s face it, it will, do you have the team to quickly address it.

What if we told you that we have the ability to scan for full AWS environment and give you a single pane of glass view?  Well, we can do that.  What if we could also track anomalous behaviour, catch common misconfigurations and user access issues in real time?  

We can do that.  Even better, we are happy to use this platform to actively monitor, manage and track remediation of all these issues.

We sit down and take the time to know your business. Where you feel you are doing well, what are you fears and which parts of your team need a little more support to succeed and where you see your best opportunities to mature your cyber program. 

Do you have an exciting new cyber technology but not sure how to get it to market? Do you love building new products, but the thought of building a business, hiring and training sales and technical staff and marketing a product make you a little queasy and leave you feeling overwhelmed? Well, we can help. We are actively taking applications for our Heat Lamp program.

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